Google ® AdWords Management: Search and Display Campaigns

Google® AdWords is one of the simplest, fastest, and most effective ways to reach your target customers on the Web more easily. Unlike traditional online and offline advertising, we provide optimal results with minimal investment. Instead of investing on television advertisement for a single AD, you can easily create a well-targeted and perfectly synchronized ad with Google® Adwords for one full year, because online advertising is the most modern technique to reach your potential customers and generate more business. It is worth spending to get an optimal return on investment (ROI).

How Google® Adwords Works?

Google ads are displayed on search engine results pages in response to user queries, as well as on other Google's® partner websites in the ad. The Google® Adwords system in works as follows: The user types the words associated with something he wants to search online. Now, Google® displays the search results, you can see the advertisement, especially the other results, as well as the right side of the search results page. By clicking on the ad, the user is redirected to your website or to a particular page on your website. You will have to pay for each click on your ad (PPC).

To complete your campaign in Adwords, you first need to set an average daily budget, then decide how to spend that money by choosing the right bid strategy for your target. It depends on what you are looking for Clicks, Impressions or Conversions. The first thing to do is to choose the most appropriate and targeted keywords to easily reach your potential customers. These ads can be targeted according to the needs of your business. They can be targeted to a region or place, certain days or a certain period, for example hours and minutes. You can even target ads based on age, gender, interests and languages spoken. Google® advertising provides text and video ads as part of your campaign.

The number of customers visiting the website depends on the position of ads on the Google® search results page. In general, you put an average daily budget and Google® spends your money in the best possible way to maximize the number of visitors to your website. As a result, click costs are spread and if your bid is less than the minimum cost of a click, your ad will not be displayed.

In the beginning, when the campaign is launched in Google®, the cost of a click is governed by the auction. The position or ranking of your ads depends on the quality of your ad on Google® AdWords the quality score which is known as CTR includes many factors. The quality of the landing page and the traffic on your website are key factors. Therefore, it is important that your website is associated with well-targeted advertisements to have more customers and more business.

Where Should You Do Advertising?

Typically, Google® ads are present in search results. It is a popular type of advertising since it transforms your advertisement with a high conversion rate that makes it always on the top among other search results. And it only limits not more than 3 advertisers. Advertising in this area is very expensive. There are targeted ads, where you can place your advertising on certain pages or certain websites or on certain pages of Google's® search results page.

Google® advertising uses different networks, such as the search network and display networks, to serve your ads. Google® is one of the largest networks in the world, covering more than 85% of users. Depends on your budget and goals, our specialists will plan and lead an advertising campaign so that advertising won’t have a great impact and it is within your budget.

We focus on Targeted Advertising with Google® Adwords

The professional and timely support from our qualified team will bring you maximum conversions. The entire advertising process starts with the selection of words and the writing of your ads, and then the constant monitoring of the analysis and improvement of your campaign.

Your budget will be spent as efficiently as possible. The company's specialists constantly monitor the position, correct the list of keywords, deactivate underperforming sites and do more to keep results fast. Even if your competitor spends more than you, you can only get a better position and a better return on investment with high quality professional assistance provided by us.

You can get a report at any time on the cost, the position of ads, the number of visitors, and a full report showing the results and other advertising indicators for each month or week. A Personal manager will be available to answer all your questions about services and advertising in Google® Adwords.

What PPC direct offer your business

Location targeting

Concentrate on Ads and budget on geographical area and situation that best fits your products and services.

Demographic targeting

Target age and gender demographics that suit your products or services.

Hour of the day targeting

Run your ads during your office hours, increase your exposure over lunch or reduce exposure early in the morning.

Excluding Negative Keyword lists

Eliminate terms and search intent that won’t help in obtaining sale or lead. Our extensive market research will stop wasted ad budget spend before it occurs.

Attractive ad copy design

Attractive ad copy designing that sells your product or service to the person conducting the search. Attracting the right customer at the right time so to ensure the best return on your ad spend.

Measurable return on ad investment

Consistent feedback and reports that offers accurate and reliable information.

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