Examine your website’s performance and prepare it for a large-scale SEO, to improve the conversion rate results.

Let us analyse your website to see where it can be improved and we will prioritize doing the tangible actions with most effective steps for great results.

About Maxobit Website Auditing Service

Maxobit’s Website Auditing Service boosts the performance of a website such as its technical strength and its responsiveness to search engines. We also define how easy it is for your audience to navigate and spontaneously discover interesting contents on your website.

Pair up with us and we guarantee to maintain your site runs smoothly and be more user-friendly

Site speed

Regular site speed testing is a good way to identify what causes congestion on your website and also helps identify methods with which this can be eliminated, resulting in an improved visitors’ experience.


Be a mobile-friendly website. Expect your site to be fully responsive and compatible with the growing demand of smartphone usage.

Content Auditing

Specific or detailed descriptions for your products and services which can help your audience understand it easily. Rewrite and enhance existing contents and removes redundancy.

Internal Linking

Value the importance of internal linking. Ensures that your site structure is optimal for search engines and assures that all pages are properly linked to and from other pages to be more likely to be indexed.

Why you should do website auditing to your website?

  • Makes you aware of the overall health of your website and its performance; allowing you to re-configure it as needed, resulting in better website traffic.
  • Enables you to identify missed SEO opportunities through the content of your website and provides you a remedy on how to overcome it.
  • Let you spot the overlooked opportunities which you can improvise and help you convert visitors into qualified leads, converting them to potential sales.
  • Identify deficiencies to improve the shortcomings in landing pages and boost your conversions ratios.
  • It points out where exactly your website has an issue and their reasoning, so you have a better solution to eliminate it.

Achieve the following advantages after we do website auditing to your website:

  • Improved website ranking, so you be on the top listing during Google searches, compared to your competitors
  • A well optimised and user-friendly website
  • Understand and recognize what’s wrong with your page and distinguish the areas that needs improvement.
  • Unfold the areas that needs more attention to satisfy and engage your audience/user with true and relevant content.
  • Obtain high quality links only that serves as a great benefit for your website

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